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If you're looking for a gentle, family-friendly mine train coaster, you've come to the wrong place! With high speeds, steep drops, rapid turns, and the world's largest vertical loop, Red Hot Rails is like no other mine train coaster in the world!
Why not see for yourself?


The silver bullet locomotive leaves the wooden station and enters a steel railway bridge, where Linear Induction Motors launch riders up a tall steep hill, which is followed immediately by the 215-foot drop that makes this coaster the world's only hyper mine train coaster. Reaching a top speed of 82 MPH from the drop, the train barrels through the 178-foot tall vertical loop before dashing up a 90-degree overbanked curve. After bolting through the curve, the train bombs through an airtime hill covered by another steel railway bridge and zips through a sharp but safe 77-degree turn intended to simulate dumping the riders out of the vehicle. After shooting through one tall camelback hill, the train flies up a banked curve to the mid-course brake run, located within the third and final steel railway bridge. Following the brake run, there is a short drop and a curve, then riders plummet down a 90-degree drop, reaching 63 MPH, followed by a second 90-degree overbanked curve. The train charges up one more hill and turns around to bring riders to the final brake run. Even though the ride is nearly 5,000 feet in length, it only takes the train about 1:15 to run from the station to the first end brake run, averaging at close to 44 MPH.

The train is specially designed to give riders the smoothest ride possible, so the seats are padded to give guests comfortable lower back reinforcement. Even though the track is made of steel, most of the supports are made of wood, making this coaster one of the only mine train coasters in the world to provide both lumber supports and lumbar support.

Records that Red Hot Rails would break:
- Tallest vertical loop and tallest roller coaster inversion (178 feet)
- Tallest drop on a mine train coaster (215 feet)
- Fastest mine train coaster (82 MPH)
- Fastest launch on a mine train coaster (73 MPH)
- Fastest average speed on a mine train coaster (44 MPH)

Have a happy new year, RCTgo!

Section Tracks
Type Vekoma Mine Train (Locomotive)
File Size 536.06 KB
Date Uploaded Dec 30, 2015


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Mine train coasters don't typically have inversions. Interesting