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My Inverted Coaster entry for DKMP
-- Red Rock Vale --
Although a huge financial success, Red Rock Reach was closed in 1997 due to "government regulations" deeming the mass production of whiskey in a theme park to be "unlawful" and "unsafe."
Connor O'Reilly reluctantly tore down the wooden dueling coasters to save the old family whiskey business, but then promptly bought up all the land around the Reach with the whiskey profits.
In 1998, work began on a new theme park where sober thrillseekers could enjoy a more family freindly atmosphere.
Red Rock Vale opened its gates in 1999 unveiling the unorthodox B&M invert Hawk's Eye and was an instant hit for the uninebriated.
[paid for by O'Reilly Whiskey (tm)]

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