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Red Thunder is a launched coaster that sends you to 73 mph, through almost 1800 feet of track, and 4 inversions in only 30 seconds. The rides starts with a launch, which leads into a vertical ascent, followed by a half loop, into a helix. After the helix, you are shot down the ride's tallest drop, which is over a 100 feet tall! You then traverse a zero-g-roll, and a cobra roll. Finally, the ride slides up a sloped s-bend and into the break run!

Excitement: 7.08(High)
Intensity: 6.12(High)
Nausea: 2.60(Medium)

Please vote for my track! It would be REALLY awesome to win my first Build It! Competition, and I hope you guys enjoy the track as much as I did making it!

Section Tracks
Type Extended Coaster (Hyper Twister)
File Size 1.81 MB
Date Uploaded Feb 9, 2013
Liked by SamDogy