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After a year, 20 days and lots, lots, and even more lots of trial and error (and about a month break before release on RCTgo), Redlynch Heights is now available for download on RCTgo! Hurrah!

Scenarios have taken a big hit in releases as there was much focus put into this. That is the reason there hasn't been a new scenario since January, but fear not, Scenario 99 is on its way! Then there'll be another great release of Scenario 100! Stay tuned.

This download DOES require custom objects, and I couldn't list every single one in this upload, so to save effort, get OpenRCT2. That is the most vital way you can download this with no hassle.

Many, many, many pieces of hard work were put into this, so I'll appreciate every comment and every download. Thank you!

Section Parks
File Size 10.74 MB
Date Uploaded Mar 22, 2018




Congrats on completing this park. It looks great!


Thank you! It took a long time, but it was well worth it. I'm glad you enjoyed it!


Glad to see its uploaded here!


Thank you. :)