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This is the very first scenario I ever uploaded to RCTGo. This Scenario is very similar to Quantum's Edge with many of it's set rules but this time requires even more guests (5000 to be exact) and has more expensive land rights (120) but has a little more land with very thin construction rights provided to construct bridges and bridges only which is also very expensive too (200), on top of that the interest rate for loans in 30% and guests are initially far more unhappier. The reason has to do with the controversial plan to reconstruct a famous wonder into an amusement park rather than the usual annual summer fairgrounds. And be aware guests will most likely be tired when they get there as they have to walk a long path. Good Luck.

If you're playing this on anything other than OpenRCT2 and RCT Classic. Please note this download requires the Expansion packs.

Section Scenarios
File Size 411.94 KB
Date Uploaded Jul 23, 2020


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Interesting that my scenario inspired a new one! Cool!