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This is Rivendell Park update. This park has a village in the mountains and an attraction park with 7 coasters.

Dasmatze Spinning Coaster ctr
Spice Invert Coaster ctr
The code masters Premier LSM ctr

Flying Jumbo
Drop Tower

A2 Custom Vendor
JackyX Turnstyle
Aceana's pavement essentials 1
ATH Catwalk and accessories set
ATM Full
Bulldog2092 Puke Inn
CPciscos B&M footers
Dasmatze Bridges it
Dasmatze McConnerysFastFood
Gary roach prod-B&M Goodies
Jcat's Steelworx
Moby's steel jungle v1
NYR Box Support
shy-circus center set 3
Techno-CE-Brakes pt2
BOS Polynesian Panic set,
Delhelold Castle set (set 1),
Matt's Lighting Set,
Moby's Glasshouse and Frameworx set,
Ralfvieh's Fountains
Ralfvieh Attractions_WC
Ralfvieh Medieval set,
Ralfvieh Medieval Part 2 set,
Ralfvieh Bridge set,
Ralfvieh Antik World set,
Ralfvieh New Castle set,
Ralfvieh New Castle Walls set,
Shy Alpine Village set (set 1-6),
Station Jim jr. Captains Aviaries set,
Station Jim jr. Gardening set (set 1 and 2),
Vodhins Mill Set,
Weber Stone Creations set (Vol. 1),
Yesnt Billboard set


Section Parks
File Size 12.23 MB
Date Uploaded Jun 18, 2020
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Can not open your park file. The park file you uploaded is a "dat.bak" file. When placed in the Document/RCT3/Start New Scenarios it does not show up in the game...When you check the "Document/RCT3/Start New Scenarios" it's no longer listed. I believe you have to re-upload the park but as a ".dat" file, not your back up file.


You have to change the file extension to have a .dat file by going to property and changing the extension.


I did that. The was downloaded to Desktop, I clicked on the file, went into Property and change the file from dat.bak to .dat. I then went to the Document file, then into Document/RCT3 file and put the file into Start New Scenarios . I then loaded the game and it did not show up in the game. When I went back into My Documents/RCT3 Start New Scenarios the file was NOT listed, like I never put it in there. I've downloaded files before so I know how to put a .dat file into the game and have it open up in the game. I got a warining about changing the file type, might not be able to use it or words to that effect and did so anyway...guess the warning was correct.