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Apotasuarus is an RMC Hybrid coaster made with the FC RMC Iorn Horse CT found on RealTycoon3's site. While RMC Hybrids are common I think this is the very first themed RMC Hybrid coaster ever built.

Excitement rating: 6.75(High)
Intensity rating: 4.51(Medium)
Nausea rating: 2.60(Medium)

This ride does use some custom scenery but should run without it so long as Soaked! And Wild! Are installed and the FC RMC Iorn Horse CT is installed without the CS the Valcano palm trees would be missing as well as the realistic station and there'd be no light at night. But that can be fixed by downloading the Custom Scenery pack for this ride which I'll post some time after the ride is uploaded.

This is my very first upload so it may not be exactly the best coaster I've built in RCT3.
I would appreciate some constructive feedback for improving my works

Stay Sweet!

Section Tracks
Type RMC Hybrid Coaster
File Size 16.67 KB
Date Uploaded Jul 4, 2017




This is my very first upload I hope you like it


Very nice for a first upload. I hope we can see more from you soon.


Thanks. You will. I was going to enter this in "Build-It!" But I decided not to. Ill save my best works for "Build-It!"


*This Requires the FC RMC Iorn Horse CT found on RealTycoon3's site*

Terry Inferno

With a few technical improvements, this would definitely have Build It-winning potential. If you varied the foliage and altered the terrain to give the setting a more natural look, this entry would be highly acclaimed by voters.

The supports are one of the highlights of this design, so make sure the rocks don't accidentally start to envelop them (see image 2).

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you think you can put the iron horse files on here to? pleas


I most likely will. Perhaps tomorrow


And I have been trying to re do the scenery around the ride to give it more potential the revised ride will be called Apotasuarus 2.0


I would really like to know how you build custom tracks like this. Please reply!


Well that takes skills and software I don't have. RealTycoon3 gets credit for the track. I just used it to build this coaster. I put the required track here on RCTgo so you have everything the ride needs


Indeed building custom tracks is a long and boring process


I am new to this, how do you add this coaster into the game?


sorry to re-hash an old post, but you think you could tell me the CS needed for this because the track crashes the game when I try to place it but the Iron Horse CT works fine by itself.


ok so I downloaded this, the cars, and the track I put every file in its place and when I open rct3 and I click on the ride to construct it my game exists out. someone please help me :)