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For OpenRCT2
Model by X7123M3-256.
Converted from Wooden Coaster to Hybrid Coaster so you can select coaster in your menu.

To install, drop in Documents/OpenRCT2/object/

Section Custom Scenery
File Size 1.13 MB
Date Uploaded Apr 7, 2021
Liked by Jalmaan, giraty




And my game immediately crashed upon going into the Track Design Manager.


Are you running the latest version of OpenRCT2?
The hybrid coaster track was added in version 0.3.2 so if you run an older version, or no OpenRCT2 at all, it very likely will crash as the ride type does not exist in those versions.


NOICE! Just got it. All I had to do was update the game. Thanks, bro! Enjoying version 0.3.3 as we speak. =)