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A significantly beefed up version of Rock 'n' Roll Revival from RCT2 Time Twister, Extreme Rock 'n' Roll Revival is the second and last Rock 'n' Roll scenario in the RCT2 Time Twister Redux series. It requires a lot more park value, makes the park rating value more difficult, and has all guests preferring more intense rides. Unlike the original, though, you don't start with a broken-down park, but instead a well-designed park that has fallen into debt. Beware of the 38% loan interest rate. A fun fact about this scenario is that Flight of the Rockstar (the prebuilt inverted coaster) has its lift hill chain speed set to 12 km/h (8 mph) by way of the "Disable operating limits" cheat, which I activated when creating the scenario.

Goal: To repay your loan and achieve a park value of at least 1,060,000.

NOTE: You need OpenRCT2 for this scenario.

Section Scenarios
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Date Uploaded Sep 29, 2020