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A beefed up and improved version of Rock 'n' Roll - Flower Power (Woodstock) from RCT2 Time Twister, Woodstock 2020 is the first of two Rock 'n' Roll scenarios in the Time Twister Redux scenario series. It is also the only scenario in this series that uses Wacky Worlds themeing - in this case, the North America themeing.

Goal: To have at least 3,000 guests in your park at the end of October, Year 4, with a park rating of at least 600 (the same as Amity Airfield)

The following changes have been made from the original:

1. You start with 15,000, a 10,000 loan, and a maximum loan size of 40,000 governed by a 15% loan interest rate.

2. Guests spawn with 55 on average and 70% initial happiness.

3. You can buy all land on the map except for the tiles at the edge for 90 a piece. Construction rights can be purchased above the path to the park entrance for 40 a piece.

4. The park can charge for either rides or park entry.

5. The park rating is harder here.

6. You have a lot more rides and stalls to play with.

7. A band of musicians has been added to the concert on the eastern side of the map.

8. The required guest count has been doubled, along with the required time.


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