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A long, long time ago, in a galaxy far far away, someone built a roller coaster. It was unlike any other roller coaster that had ever been built, partially because it was constructed many millennia before anyone on Earth had conceptualized even the earliest forms of roller coasters, and also because it featured a 200-foot tall station.

But what truly makes this ride unique is its unmatched ability to simulate flying a rebel ship. Like a rebel ship, the trains are able to move in all directions while allowing the riders to lose track of their orientation. When you're out there fighting the Galactic Empire in deep space, you're not worried about where the sky is located.

You're all rebels, aren't you?

Section Tracks
Type Flying Roller Coaster
File Size 466.71 KB
Date Uploaded Dec 14, 2016




Nice park.
You CANNOT LOAD it to RCT3!! Please save it as a track, so it can be loaded to it.

Terry Inferno

Inside voice, please.

It's saved as a park so that it remains intact with the landscape and surrounding scenery. This is not uncommon for RCT2 or RCT3 entries.