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A Challenging scenario of Wacky Worlds that I thought it looked nice with all the city buildings and such thought I would turn it into the only downtown amusement park in the world near Austin TX heh! Located it Pflugerville TX though! Has a great big different experience of Micro Park, & Metropolis very much and same as a v2 of Tokyo Dome City! I did end up removing lot of trees but kept some as I could and was only able to build about 12 coasters as I wanted to keep all surroundings the same and all! Guests don't get lost at all as this park turned out okay as expected! Well wish this scenario park would be my very rollercoaster heaven to go to when I'm down heh heh heh!
Well enjoy Rollercoaster Heaven by me and my sister (she built last green togo posed coaster)

Section Parks
File Size 1.68 MB
Date Uploaded Nov 20, 2023