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This is a completed Razor Rocks park, which I challenged myself to get done by the end of Year 5 and I ended up doing so. I will showcase my 10 coasters and their stats, for more in-depth stats, you may view my park save file:

Rock Munchers:
E: 6.50
I: 7.96
N: 4.57
Type: Wooden Wild Mouse

The Temple Runner:
E: 6.03
I: 7.96 (again)
N: 6.25
Type: Suspended Looping Coaster

Rock Versus Sand:
E: 6.00
I: 9.96
N: 6.87
Type: Stand Up Steel Coaster

Ore Miner:
E: 6.27
I: 7.42
N: 4.92
Type: Mine Train

Granite Madness:
E: 6.77
I: 8.28 (No idea why the intensity is so high either... O_O)
N: 4.81
Type: Wooden Roller Coaster

E: 6.40
I: 7.59
N: 7.49
Type: Suspended Swinging Coaster

E: 6.13
I: 6.34
N: 5.78
Type: Bobsleigh Coaster

Short But Sweet:
E: 6.59
I: 8.17
N: 4.47
Type: Wooden Twister Coaster

Back In Time:
E: 8.02
I: 9.24
N: 7.00
Type: Air Powered Launch Coaster

Uranium Euphoria:
E: 7.84
I: 7.80
N: 3.85
Type: Steel Coaster

These are the 10 coasters that make up my Razor Rocks final product, ask if you have any questions in the comment.

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