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This is Rumble, a Custom Gerstlauer Infinity Coaster designed to produce airtime, as well as flipping inversions. The ride starts out by diving out of the station into a misty tunnel and churning through a heartline roll. Then you are dragged up the 195 ft lift hill only to plummet toward a headchopper beam. Next, you glide effortlessly, over a floater hill, and then charge through an overbanked turnaround. Now, you are plowing through a headchopper inversion, an then you hit a twisting turning, outbanked camelback. Next up is a overbanked, 90 degree curve, then its two bunny hops, and you hit the brake run...

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Type Custom Gerstlauer Infinity Coaster
File Size 154.77 KB
Date Uploaded Sep 24, 2015
Liked by Terry Inferno