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The ultimate theme park with a lake running through the middle of it with hills that some rides are built on. It includes 18 roller coasters, 13 flat rides, 2 water rides and 2 two gentle boat rides.

It's roller coasters include a RMC, hyper giga coaster, eurofighter, giga coaster, launched flying coaster, football themed suspended swinging coasters, launched shuttle inverting coaster, wing coaster, five ring looping coaster, two wooden roller coasters, top hat coaster, three juniors including mine train, ladybird and mini cars.

Includes many themed flats in openrct plus a themed drop and launch tower. Has splash boats and a water coaster. Also includes bumper boats and swans.

1. Crazy Cabs (Mini car coaster)
2. Festa Do Futebol (Football themed suspended swinging)
3. Festa Do Futebol 2 (Football themed suspended swinging)
4. Hybrid Centurion (Launched RMC with 100mph and 400 feet top hat)
5. Hyper Hood (325 feet, 100 mph hyper coaster)
6. Jurassic Fly (Launched flying roller coaster)
7. Lava Launch (Launched shuttle inverting coaster)
8. Little Ladybird
9. Man of Steel (Wing coaster)
10. Mine Mania (Mine train)
11. Olympia Looping Coaster
12. Primal Terror (Giga coaster, 355 feet, 106 mph)
13. Raging Monochrome (Eurofighter)
14. Robin Hood (Wooden roller coaster)
15. Rock N Roadster (325 feet, 105 mph top hat coaster)
16. Shriek and Shout (Inverted looping coaster)
17. Wooden Dipper
18. Zombie Ride

Thrill Flat Rides
19. Butterbeer Hangover
20. Enterprise
21. Flying Carpet
22. Magic Lamp
23. Octopus Ride
24. Pit Fall (Drop tower)
25. Pit Fall 2 (Launch tower)
26. Super Scan
27. Trebuchet Ride (Top spin)
28. Whip

Junior Flat Rides
29. 4d Max – Mouse Tails
30. Big Time Trucking
31. Flying Saucers

Water Rides
32. Drenched
33. Water Coaster

Gentle Boat Rides
34. Bumper Boats
35. Swans

*Will need OpenRCT2 to open or run park with RMC and Eurofighter in park

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Date Uploaded Mar 11, 2021
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