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First i wanna say, it says excactly how to download this cfr in the readme once downloaded.
I also wanna say that this is NOT my cfr, im just uploading it because some people are having a hard time finding this cfr.

Section Custom Scenery
File Size 860.76 KB
Date Uploaded Jul 23, 2012




Looks cool, gotta' download.


@RCTgoMatthew well thanks for downloading, its recolourable and its trilling to all peeps who dare ride it


when you dowload this waht folder does it go in ?


Its a ride from Thorpe Park in London.


@timber once downloaded, save the ride to this directory: OS(C:)/programfiles(86x)/atari/rollercoastertycoon3/style/custom
if you do not have programfiles(86x) goto programfiles
if you do not have a custom folder make one


Will this do anything? I downloaded 2 other cfrs on a different website, but they did not work. I'm not being mean,I am just curious. :)


@julieluvsu the reason the cfr's didn't work is because you probably downloaded one wrong, if your stuck on how to download them, either go on youtube and search how to have cfr's or read the readme in the zip downloads for help.


wow over 1000 downloads

Timothy Nicoson

Nice Ride man i like it


wow, really impressed no glitch!!!


Absolutely flawless. In almost every one of my parks.


Hi the swing looks awesome but it didn't work for me? i did evrything it said like putting it in style in the folder 'custom' and it was there in the ride list on the game but when i clicked on it it came up with something like no :svd for :sid? how do i fix this?