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Requires RCT2 or RCT Classic 12 screenshots 2 comments

Major props to NieSch for letting me do this!

RUSH! is the second coaster of two standing coasters. The first being ROAR!. In 2009, BIE Inc. It opened in 2010 and was the 11th coaster still standing in the park. Officials were contacted by the park's officials about the possibility of adding another B&M coaster. However, this one would be similar in many ways to the hit success that was, ROAR!

When the officials said yes, they were oblivious of the 50 million price tag. Why, why does it cost so much you ask? Landscaping.

Nevertheless, the officials continued building the coaster while park officials were eating sticks instead of good food because of their idiocy.

Construction finished in early 2010, and immediately after, testing was deemed safe.
Suspicions arose around the top hat area about where a track was being too rough. That quickly was dispersed as officials replaced that rough track piece in less than a day.
Sadly, that messed up track piece was certainly messed up and thus sued the park for it's maltreatment. At the thought of a track piece suing a theme park for replacing it, the judge laughed for hours on end.

Finally, after 20 minutes of pretty much nothing, the judge gave 10 grand so that the track piece would shut up. :P Well, suspicions arose after one part of the track, for some reason, had black paint poured all over it. Though, they would never find who did that, they all suspect it was either "Old Man Jenkins", "Terry Inferno" or "Track Piece."

Finally, after a lot of idiocy, RUSH! was given to this coaster. The coaster would then on win an award for 'most terrain based steel' coaster. A record which would last up until it was broken again by another coaster in the park.

This all being said, don't anger angry track pieces. That will never go well.

Other stuff:

Made in OpenRCT2, and should work in RCT2.

This track file DOES have scenery, as much as I could fit of it.

Stats are in the final screen shot.

Let's have a great round!

Twister Roller Coaster
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All in all, i find your coaster layout and scenery awesome. But there's room for improvement related to the end of the track layout :-) Keep it up!