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Welcome to Rustic Greens, an abandoned golf course that has been given to you by the local golfers to turn into a brand new amusement park! Thankfully it's mini-golf and famous Roller coaster, Rolling Thunder, are still in good shape. Money is no object, as the golf association will pay to bring golfers and family to the gates of Rustic Greens once again. Can you do the golf association proud and bring the golf course to a new state of glory?

Creator's notes-
1. Everything in this park is not custom, it's all in game so there's no limitations to who can play.

2. The ground textures on my game and what will appear on other players will be different due to my game seeming to not want to load the textures correctly.

3. This is my first time uploading something, so if I did something wrong, please let me know!

I hope you enjoy Rustic Greens! :) -Blue1234

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Date Uploaded Feb 23, 2017


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