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This is a very unorthodox B&M Dive Machine using the Nightfire dive machine CTR. The coaster features two Over-Banked Curves, a Dive Loop, Zero-G Roll, Barrel Roll, Large Helix and a 170.32 Foot vertical drop. Hang on tight because this oriental themed coaster WILL deliver the ride of a life!

Ryu: the Japanese word for dragon, this name was picked as the coaster itself is made to mimic that of a flying oriental dragon.

Link to POV video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=V5-Q8wFA06o&feature=youtu.be

The ride has the following statistics with scenery:
Excitement Rating: 6.64 (High)
Intensity Rating: 6.59 (High)
Nausea Rating: 1.81 (Low)
Max Speed: 70.60 MPH
Average Speed: 26.30 MPH
Ride Time: 1:27 (Approx.)
Ride Length: 3380.15 Feet
Max. + vertical G's: 4.32 g
Max. - vertical G's: -1.01g
Max. lateral G's: 0.81 g
Total Air Time: 0:19
Drops: 11
Highest Drop Height: 170.32 Feet
# of Inversions: 3

CS used:
Ralvieh's East Asia
Asian Sensation
Shig's Pathcovers
StationJimJr's Random Things
StationJimJr's Fencing
Shy Guy's Planters 1&2
Moby's Steel Jungle
Coasterfreak Station Platform
mCPisco's B&M Footers
Ralvieh's Medieval 1&2
shy-Alpine Sets 1-9
shy-Rock Set
CityTrader's Pathcovers

If I have forgotten any more CS I apologize!

Section Tracks
Type Nightfire B&M Dive Machine
File Size 3 MB
Date Uploaded Sep 7, 2015




Good job. I like this dive coaster because it's more than just a drop. And it has excellent theming, too.


Jaw Dropping