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Welcome to the jungle we got fun and......................................Oh wait wrong thing! Welcome to safari, my latest creation! This park includes 4 coasteres! yes 4 COASTERS!:
- Side note: after seeing the overview of what might be the 2017 Alton Towers coaster, this coaster actually started out as a recreation of it (from what i could make out) until 1/2 way through the ride.
-A GCI woodie with banked turns and airtime hills
-Max height of 135 ft.

-Intamin Multilaunch coaster
-1 inversion
-max height of 162 ft.

-B&M Wing Coaster
-4 inversions
-max height of 170 ft.

-Classic Arrow Dynamics shuttle loop
-1 inversion
-Max height of 85 ft.

This park has takin me about two months to create and finalize, so if you download, please remember to rate.I am looking forward for feedback! thanks and enjoy safari

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Date Uploaded May 23, 2016