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This compact pool contains 3 >4 Excitement Water Slides and one >5 Excitement Water Slide knoted together. It has a main pool, a wave pool, two spas, two showers, fourteen loungers, two life gards, 2 diving boards, 2 high dives and lighting in a 12*12 area.

Section Pools
File Size 152.34 KB
Date Uploaded Jul 23, 2011




Remember, water doesn't go up unless it's an aqua blaster. Nice work though!


Other than what zach_gamer77 said, well done. I just put 10 or something in a line and got loads of peeps coming and loads of money. I was even able to edit the pool and make a scenario which is awesome.


can you email me the scenario?


how do i download this? it looks awesome.


sarcastic13londE, you click the download button at the top and you should get a .pool file, save that in your Documents under a folder called RCT3\Peeps. Then just run rct3