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SAndbox park [unnnamed]

Requires RCT3: Soaked! and RCT3: Wild! 0 comments

Ok, my first download, hope everything went ok. It's a Sandbox Park, and I've been busy on it for about 10 hours. It's my first real park, so don't expect sth. to well. There's most flat attractions in there, no coasters, but there's a parking lot. Some names of employees are in dutch, because I'm from holland, but that shouldn't matter. I gave all the attractions a name, which I hope is good. For the rest, C-for-yourself. ((The park is still called New Sandbox as I haven't found a good name yet.))((I can't get the screenshot uploaded, srry))
~ See the forum for screenshot
~~ This is the right file, previous was wrong.

Section Parks
File Size 4.37 MB
Date Uploaded Jun 9, 2007