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"Rented scaffolding to do some drywall. Forgot to return. Oops." - Joe Mecho

Doing routine inventory in the fabrication shop and found these behind the Sch 40 racks next to an unfinished creepy clown mouth doorway. Currently 42 months overdue. Fortunately rental company went out of business 36 months ago. Free to good home!

Included in zip:

11 Small Object DATS
1 .park file with SG Tab selected and Objects displayed as seen in screenshot
1 Screenshot - same as the one displayed with this download

Note: I'm a novice object creator with a number of industrial/modular projects in the works. Feedback most welcome. Planned update will include parkobj files. Still learning (and falling in love with) the new object creator for OpenRCT2. Pixel art created using GIMP. XCF and individual BMP files available on request.

Section Custom Scenery
File Size 140.42 KB
Date Uploaded Jun 26, 2023
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