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A Roaring Twenties Scenario of Time Twister in Challenging Section which is only one of the two 1920s scenarios I ever did! As I thought the name shores was better even when I read the park description such! I located this for Marble Falls TX as this park is near by Cliffside Castle and Whispering Cliffs! Has some inspirations of Liseberg, Everland, & Arnold's Park Iowa! One area at the very far corner is inspired by Arnolds Park Iowa in many ways as this park started as a beach cliffside lakeside picnic area during the depression! The the rest rides are made up as I thought I would build a classic wooden bobsled a dueling version which took a lot of work as a while before I finished this park one of the bobsled coasters with half guests on train flew up crashed at the last hill before the brakes paused closed reopened ride lots of guests still got on and while putting lamps bins and benches both bobsled rides seemed to run fine! If any of you look at run this park a long time or so comment and let me know what happens and I'll see if i can fix change anything!
Well to be honest this scenario from scratch is not the same anymore as it's mostly filled with rides now as a one of a kind classic park built on a cliffside next to a lake near Austin TX! Enjoy!

Section Parks
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Date Uploaded Nov 12, 2023