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I couldn't find a lot of Sci-Fi restaurants or cafe's so I made one. Many thanks go out to the following: Osudenny's restaurant equipment Pack, Ralfvieh's Sci-fi, Eddies Sci-Fi, Vodhin's cafe kit buffet Bar and deli. You don't need any CS's unless you wish to add some of your own touches to it. Enjoy


Section Structures
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Date Uploaded Aug 23, 2018




No, it doesn't work without having the CS's. I saw the data file in my structure folder, but the building itself did not appeared.


Ok I created it in windows 7 64-bit. What system are you running? I noticed that far away you can see through the walls but close up everything is fine.


Same system. But I don' t need a Sci-Fi-Building at the moment. I just wanted to try if it works without download the CS's.


I'm new at this and it does need the cso''s listed for it to work. Thanks for the comment.