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Brookwood Gardens coaster #10 out of 12.

Full story can be found here:


Park available for download soon.

Section Tracks
Type Corkscrew Roller Coaster
File Size 5.97 KB
Date Uploaded Jun 20, 2016




this was a build it entry, im pretty sure it was with my arrow 7 in rct3 insomniac

Terry Inferno

Narrowly lost to Shootout in round 238. Insomniac won 3 years ago, but it makes sense to associate it with this one since both coasters are Arrow 7s with bowtie inversions.

Princess Anna Of Arendelle

If I used the backward compatibility with rct3 do you think I could build this coaster in 3D and see what it's like to ride it? Or do rct3's limitations not allow a layout like this?