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My second rebuild, this time of a recreation of "Scorpion" from Bush Gardens, Tampa Bay, Florida, now for RCT 2 / RCTC

The original Upload (RCT1) was from Cheleste, which really impressed me.

I could not take all original scenery of the former upload but everything I made is out of standard scenery.
I also changed the straight parts of this coaster to make 5 trains possible.

Only thing you have to do is paint the grass and build the ride/walking entrances by highering the terrain and tunneling it.
Scenery used is in a screenshot, to fill some small gaps you need the block right next to the walls used, roof is also just a bit more right.
There is one red carpet inside the building of the station where i placed a toilet later..

Ratings in the picture.
Have fun

Section Tracks
Type Looping Coaster
File Size 10.83 KB
Date Uploaded Jan 20, 2017


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Captain Lucasade

This coaster is great.