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One day, our brilliant engineer Ludwig Van Loop was trying to design a roller coaster. His pen was not working so he scribbled on the side of the paper. While doing this, he accidentally rubbed his finger on the ink and went to the bathroom to wash it off. While he was gone, the construction company, Speedy Buildy, arrived. They interperatid the scribbles as a roller coaster, the lines being track and the smudge the station. Since Ludwig had tried two pens, blue and black, the engineer interperted the blue as track and the black as supports. The coaster was then built, and when Ludwig Van Loop returned fron the bathroon, the ride stood complete outside his window.


Section Tracks
Type Gerstlauer Eurofighter II
File Size 14.24 KB
Date Uploaded Nov 3, 2016


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Skylander Katfish

I like the color combination! That gives me an idea for rct2. Thanks!