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My last upload was a Corkscrew: what the hey! Let's follow with another!

!Sea Serpents should be compatible with RCT2, RCT Classic and, naturally, OpenRCT2; I've not used any "OpenRCT2-only" stuff here.

Sure, !King Cobra was, and remains, my "Signature Corkscrew": !Sea Serpents' Ratings are almost as good, it's cheaper, looks more-realistic (and, perhaps, simply looks better over-all), and does not rely upon any "OpenRCT2-only" stuff.

Ratings may be reviewed in the Screenshots (and in the video).

Link to !Sea Serpents video on Google Drive:

Section Tracks
Type Corkscrew Roller Coaster
File Size 294 bytes
Date Uploaded Nov 13, 2023


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I love the shape of this. It looks so versatile to decorate around, especially with the long stretch to the station. Very excited to try this one out!