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Well this is my first crack at doing a scenario after playing in the sand pit for a bit.
The scenario is in its early stages but I thought i'd share now anyway.

I've given the park a good start with some of the buildings in the town of Village built (or partially in some cases).

Here's some hints.
There are vacant shops tucked in around the place i.e. don't have stock and aren't open.
The front building has 4 levels in it and each one needs a mechanic and cleaner and the truck load of people that swamp make a mess pretty fast.

No more hints (caus I can't think of any)

I do plan to finish off the village square but still you get the picture... play and have fun :-)

Oh and any comments drop me a line..
Cheers Nick

Section Scenarios
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Date Uploaded Sep 8, 2008
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CoAsTeR corE

I like that village! GOOD JOB