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SeaWorld Orlando

Includes Ice Breaker

Located in Orlando, FL, SeaWorld opened in 1973. Anheuser-Busch bought i in 1989 and sold it in 2009 which sold it Blackstone. The water-park Aquatica, and Discovery Cove, a swim with dolphin location neighbor the park.

In the past decade, the park has been to more ride based with additions such as Mako and Infinity Falls. 3 main animal shows still exist. They are dolphins, seals, and the well known orcas.

It is a top 10 most attended park in North America with around 4.6 million a year. The highest non Disney/Universal park.

Brandon’s B&M Floorless
Imagineer Johns Hopper

ATH Catwalk Set
JCat's Steelworx
Moby's Steel Jungle V1
Shy Guy’s Rock Set

- Clyde and Semore Show is just a stadium. No animals.
- No ‘real’, Dolphin, Manatee, Manta, Penguin, Walrus, Seal, and Flamingo.
- Non functional back spike on Ice Breaker.
- Splash pool on Journey to Atlantis long, while inside is short.
- Lake pathway is long.
- Mako is short by about 300 ft. Kraken and Manta is very close.

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Fine park.


This park is supposed to reopen tomorrow with social distancing requirements.