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Name: Second Trial of the Eighth Court of Diyu
Category: Expert
Goal: Build 10 Coasters with 7.00 Excitement
Description: "Displeased after finishing your task from Zhong Kui, Yama has presented a more difficult trial for you to complete to redeem your soul. You accept, but worry what terrible tricks he has planned for you. Based on Eighth Court of Diyu by Fred."
Note: This uses the .park format, so it requires a recent version of OpenRCT2.

Fred asked for a more difficult version of one of his scenarios, so here it is. A more difficult version of the Eighth Court of Diyu, but this time with the goal switched up to make 10 coasters with 7 excitement. If that sounds easy, trust me, it's not. It's really not.

I'm sorry.

Section Scenarios
File Size 41.66 KB
Date Uploaded Aug 27, 2022
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