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Welcome to Seven Worlds of Adventure! No matter what type of rides or slides you like, we've got you covered. A relaxing boatride? A splashtastic swim in a pool? A +300ft coaster filled with airtime? You can find all those and much more here.

Even though I own RCT3 for years now, this one of the few parks I managed to finish. My goal was to create this park without any custom content, yet that plan backfired. To properly play this park you must have Dasmatze Animatronics set installed. The necessary components to run this park are included in the ZIP file but I recommend to install the full set to make sure nothing goes wrong. Also included in the ZIP file are two parkfiles: one with guests and one with the park closed and emptied.

Section Parks
File Size 10.53 MB
Date Uploaded Jul 9, 2020




Good work on the park. It looks very


Very great work with welcome world content - hats off!