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Robin Hood known as Sherwood Forest which I thought name was better as I turned this small medieval theme park into a thick forest anyways! One of the only two Dark Aged scenarios in Time Twister as I intended this to be a Rennaissance Festival Theme Park as the only one ever built! Started in late 1920's in Shenandoah TX as a small medieval age fair market during the depression which lived through! Has one classic wooden coaster inspired by Elivs Presley's Favorite Ride Zippin Pippin of Libertyland TN! A mirror image of a Vekoma MK Hurricane Corkscrew Coaster with a different one of a kind experience as the only two ever built! Rest is custom made up as it took months and the only odd thing I did to this scenario here other then buying the whole land as I wanted to leave most trees especially trees in ww/tt that were so three to four squares big that was hard to build next too! Where the robin hood scenery houses were outside of the parks fence limits! I bought a good bit of land around those houses to make a themed car ride which turned out okay as I built a vekoma slc family suspended over the car ride to help with higher stats which some guests will ride! Enjoy my basically custom Sherwood Forest Scenario/Park! My mom sister helped a bit on this one with me river rapids, river styxs rafts and steel yellow coaster!

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Date Uploaded Nov 5, 2023