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The completed theme park with 11 roller coasters, 6 flat rides and 3 water rides.

It's roller-coasters include a wing coaster, two wooden coasters, launched 9 looping coaster, invert themed to surronding terrian, vertical drop into ground, 316 feet & 92 mph giga coaster, junior coaster, runaway train and a RMC coaster. Includes thrilling and tamer flat rides. It's water rides are huge log flume, water coaster and river rapids.

1. Black Falcon (Wing coaster)
2. Careening Comet (Wooden coaster)
3. Copperhead Thrills (Launch coaster, 89 mph, 9 inversions)
4. Flying Ray (Flying coaster with Tatsu layout)
5. Nemesis’s Raptor (Invert with 4 inversions)
6. Oblivion (Vertical drop coaster)
7. Rage (316 feet, 92 mph giga coaster)
8. Rainbow Dragon (Junior coaster)
9. Runaway Train
10. Vengeancefobia (Over 300 feet, 90 mph RMC)
11. Wooden Exploration Adventure (Wooden coaster)

12. Enterprise
13. Hammer Swing
14. Insanity (Inverting ship)
15. Star Wheel
16. Sundial
17. Swift Drifter’s

18. Chair-O-Plane

19. Alpine River Rapids
20. Cascade (Water coaster)
21. Frozen Chopper’s Creek Drench (Log flume)

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Date Uploaded Aug 2, 2020