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A completed theme park ready to run with 13 roller coasters, 5 flat rides, 2 water rides and a three station monorail (starting from grand park entrance building).

It's roller coasters are 4 wooden coasters; bigger blue wooden coaster, a smaller orange wooden coaster, western themed wooden coaster, a giga 312 feet & 91 mph wooden coaster then it has a 14 looping infinity coaster, junior coaster, RMC, spinning coaster, inverted 4 loop coaster, 449 feet & 121 mph top hat launch with after ride and Wreck-It Raplh themed roller coaster. It also has a log flume and water coaster.

Has a grand entrance and a shop street when you walk into the park.

1. Blue Flyer Volcano Helix (Wooden coaster)
2. Canyon Mine Spagoot (Mine train)
3. Desperado (Wooden coaster, western rock theme)
4. Flying Mountain (Flying coaster)
5. Giga Wooden Streak (312 feet, 91 mph wooden coaster)
6. Infinity Smiles (14 looping coaster)
7. Little Dragon (Junior coaster)
8. Mammoth (RMC)
9. Nickelodeon Streak (Wooden coaster)
10. Spinball Castle (Spinning coaster)
11. Spitfire (Inverted 4 looping coaster)
12. Takashiba (449 feet, 121 mph top hat launch with after ride)
13. Wreck-It Ralph

14. Collider (Enterprise)
15. Roto-Drop
16. Swift Eagles

17. Free Flyer
18. Grand Carousel

Transport Rides
19. Monorail (Three stations)

20. S├Ągewerk (Log flume)
21. Typhoon (Water coaster)

Section Parks
Date Uploaded Jun 12, 2020