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This is my dream RCT3 park I built with a theme park, water park and zoo all in one! With me counting 24 rollercoasters, the park has: A wooden rollercoaster, far beyond vertical drop coaster, 3 shuttles rollercoaster; two upside down and a motorbike one, bobsleigh rollercoaster, winged roller coaster, go head over heels, drifting rollercoaster, flying rollercoaster, Giga rollercoaster at 351 feet high, vertical drop coaster, robot coaster, stand-up roller coaster, steeple chase, a 518 foot launch coaster to 126mph, inverted rollercoaster, wild mouse coaster and a tilt rollercoaster. It has splash boats, log flume and river rapids. It has most of the flat including drop towers, go-karts and upside down flat rides and junior rides you would want including transport rides; chairlift and underground Monorail. The water park has a swimming pool, drop slide, bowl slide, lazy river, body slides, diving boards and a wave machine. The zoo includes elephants, dolphins, giant pandas, grizzly and polar bears, chimpanzees, killer whales, lion show, tigers, orangutans and a reptile house and an aquarium around the park. Fireworks every day at 8:30pm and open from 9:30am to 12am every day!
Signs on billboards can be found if you are logged in to RCTGO. If you click on 07scott1, then the link of home page under contact details and click on the zipped file called "MYPICTURES", place this in my documents and put the images on billboards if it doesn't itself. Don't change name of file or caps for it to work. Instructions on how to fix are below if billboards don't work:

1. First, click start and search for the program called "Command Prompt".
2. Type in the following words exactly how they are typed below with YOUR username then press enter: cd "C:Users(Your Username)documents"
3. Now type in these exactly how I did: rmdir "MY PICTURES"
Now Press enter. Now just type EXIT and press enter or close the program.
4. Go to your documents folder. Press the "New Folder" button.
5. Now name it: MY PICTURES Hit enter and you will have your new folder.
6. Now drag any pictures into the folder that you want in your game then you can use it.

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