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Custom List
Mobys steel jungle v1
MrPKIS coaster tunnels
Shy Alpine Village set 1-6
Osudenny 2011 fountain set
FC Cat Walks
A Christmas carol houses
Stone Creations vol 1-3
A2 custom vendors
Around Transportation by Pierre Louis

Custom rides list
JFMillFlyer CTR
B&M_Twister_Sitdown CTR
Track 11 CT from custom scenery depot
RMC hybrid from rctgo.com
Arrow Suspended CTR

Section Parks
File Size 8.2 MB
Date Uploaded Sep 5, 2020




Is this park supposed to be a combination of Silver Dollar City and Dollywood?


I can't find the MillFlyer CTR.
Edit: I think "MillFlyer" is a short term for "Millennium Flyer".