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Six Flags Adventure(WIP)

Requires RCT3: Soaked! and RCT3: Wild! 2 comments

This is only a Work In Progress. The coasters are Boomerang, Kiddie Coaster, and Twister.
Dasmateze's Spinning Coaster CTR
Classic Corkscrew CTR
Spice's Trees
ATH Catwalk Set
CPicso's B&M Footer
Park Entrance Essentials
JCat's Steelworkz

Section Parks
File Size 2.25 MB
Date Uploaded Dec 11, 2013



Hey Vert if you can upload some screenshots of this park like an updated version with screenshots that'll be great! And if you cant then have your picture(s) then go to pictures RCT3 then put those pictures in paint save them as PNG or whatever if you dont know how to take a screenshot (F10)


Also Great park for a WIP!