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Six Flags AstroWorld and Water World


The park opened in 1968. Six Flags then bought in 1975, making it the 4th park in the chain. The park was known for some unique attractions. Thunder River was the world’s first river rapids. XLR-8 was the first successful Arrow suspended-swinging coaster and Swat was the first S&S Sky-Swatter.


- Looney Tunes area in European Village was not added. There is room for it to be added, I just didn’t know what rides were.

- Serpent a small kid’s coaster in Oriental Village was not added due to not enough room.


Custom Items Needed

- Swinger
- ATH Catwalk Set
- CPcisco’s B&M Footers
- JCAT’s Steel Worx
- Moby’s Steel Jungle V1
- SK Canopy 101
- Big Burger’s Timber

Section Parks
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Date Uploaded Jun 11, 2015




Wow I feel so nostalgic right now! Great job on the rides and layout of this park! I had season passes every year!


Quick question. Who makes the Swinger CSO? I'm not sure if I have it or not in my list of flat rides.


last time i was in Houston,Texas they had just tore this park down to have the land extra storage for a new car dealership. it really is sad that they tore this park down because i was never able to go when i was a kid.


I really don't want to bother you with this but now that I'm disabled I have a lot more time on my hands ,i grew up at AstroWorld from the age of 10 until my kids were about 5 that's when they shut it down but anyhow I'm trying to find all the stuff that you said I had to have for the park to work and I can't find it all I don't know if they took them off or what but I was wondering if you could maybe help me and I would love to have all the rides that or in the park please and thank you