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Located in Jackson, NJ the park opened in 1974. Six Flags bought it in 1977. In 1999, the famed "War on Lines" featured 27 new attractions. In 2005, Kingda Ka opened with 3 height records and a speed record. El Toro is ranked in the top 10 wooden coasters in several polls yearly opened in 2006.

This is the 2019 park so Jersey Devil Coaster isn't included. Looney Tunes Seaport and it's rides where it will be located were removed however.

---Needed items are in the included text file---

Dare Devil Dive is only scenery
Kingda Ka not long enough
No Pavilions below MovieTown
Entrance for Wild Safari isn't included.
Golden Kingdom's animals weren't included.

Section Parks
File Size 2.01 MB
Date Uploaded Dec 26, 2019


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I would recommended adding a bathroom set by Superman. There is supposed to be one, but forgot to add it. Open the set by Nitro as well. Add about a dozen roaming handymen. I played the game for about a year and noticed those 3 issues impact the park rating a bit.