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Just like the title said, I save it right before the mission is complete, so all you need to do
just load this saved game, and wait until the park value meet it's goal. It will not take long.

This is by far the most complicated Six Flags park I've seen. The complicated path, vast land,
and not much toilet. I spent almost 4 year to raise the rating. I clean up some path that are messy, built so many toilets, hire more staff, and built more food and drink stalls.

To complete this park you need to raise Park Value to over $ 700,000, and pay all your debt. To meet the Park Value mission, I build 4 Looping Coaster that have over 10 excitement at the corner of the park.
I didn't open the Looping coaster, I just test it to maintain the park value. Then you can build whatever you want, preferably something with high excitement rating to raise the Park Value. To pay all your debt, you can advertise the park to bring more guest, so you can get more money, and don't forget to raise your park ticket price.


Section Parks
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Date Uploaded Dec 16, 2021