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A completed Six Flags themed theme park. Includes a a amazing looking entrance with a six flags themed entrance. It has a entrance street containing all the facilities you need in the game.

It has a flying roller coaster going over ports on top of the entrance, also a duelling RMC, another RMC, several junior roller coasters, 300 foot giga roller coaster, 400 foot strata coaster, a inverted coaster, winged coaster and stand up coaster.

Has flat rides and two water rides: a log flume and a custom built river rapids using rocks, waterfalls, drops and terrian built tunnels.

1. Blue Streak (Wooden coaster)
2. Caterpillar (Junior caterpillar roller coaster)
3. Deep Purple (RMC)
4. Dragonkid (Junior coaster)
5. Duel Firestorm (Duelling RMC)
6. Gatekeeping (Flying coaster going through ports over entrance)
7. Gold Fever (Wild mouse mine train with indoor section)
8. Invincible Thrill (Giga coaster at 306 feet and 94 mph)
9. Nemesis Revenge (Inverted coaster, going through terrain and 4 inversions)
10. On A Banana Roll (Wing coaster with 8 inversions including dive drop inversion)
11. Standup Adrenaline (Stand up coaster with 7 inversions and airtime hills)
12. Top Thrill Dragster (Top hat strata coaster, 441 feet, 120 mph)
13. Wendigo’s Max (Large junior coaster going through rapids tunnel)

Thrill Flat Rides
14. 360 Power
15. Forge
16. Hammer Swing
17. Horror Heights (Tower of Terror)
18. Over Power (Top Spin)
19. Sun Flare
20. Sundial
21. The Screaminator (Drop Tower)

Junior Flat Rides
22. Grand Carousel
23. Whirly Rig

Water Rides
24. Coaster King Forest (Log Flume)
25. River Adventure (River rapids)

Section Parks
Date Uploaded Sep 2, 2020


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Nice work! ;)