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Hi guys, this is the second version of my park! To make it work you need to install this mod: http://www.mediafire.com/file/i1r5jlpyseig07f/Intamin_Wing_Rider_Coaster.zip/file

List of changes:

1. Kingda ka no longer slows down sharply, now it is as smooth as possible! New color of the supports, namely turquoise, as in real life

2. The monorail is repainted in other colors

3. Tomahawk slightly rebuilt to make Kingda ka braking smooth

4. Attractions Disc 1 and Autodrom 1 were moved to new places, in the old place is the Kingda ka path

5. The Kingda ka base has been moved a little further from its original location

The first version of the park: https://rctgo.com/downloads/view/sixflags-new-park.19792

This is my new account, forgot the password from the old one :(

Have a good game

P. s. I am Russian, and I wrote adventure with the error :3

Section Parks
File Size 5.83 MB
Date Uploaded Sep 5, 2020