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Since my recent projects have all been built using OpenRCT2 and use various cheats that don't allow them to be opened in standard RCT2, here's a "retro" coaster I built last December without any cheats. It's one of the last coasters I built before switching to OpenRCT2.

This thundering woodie is the centerpiece of a small, quaint park in Denmark, with "Skovbrand" literally translating to "wildfire". Though it takes up a small area, it doesn't shy away from large, swooping drops and gut-wrenching airtime hills.

This contains no cheats, and runs in any form of RCT2 and RCTC.

See final screenshot for ratings.

Section Tracks
Type Wooden
File Size 11.33 KB
Date Uploaded Nov 12, 2017




I was able to get "Black Bear's Revenge" to work in RCT3 and I might be able to do Skovbrand too. See with RCT3 the file type has to be exactly perfect because of the code. The code for the backwards compatibility feature only reads .TD4 and .TD6 files. If the file your trying to upload has lowercase letters it won't load. That's why "ledgend of the lake" wouldn't load


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