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This is my first pyrotechnics display. it is incomplete but pretty impressive where it stands. The entire song will be played along with fireworks when i am done. The entire setup with the mortars, lasers and fireworks so far is worth ,420. lol it is vary expensive and its only like a minute long.

But for now please enjoy my work.
If you don't know how to install the mixmaster displays and or music files, I made a readme note that should explain where everything goes.

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Section Pyrotechnics
Type MixMaster Show
File Size 853 KB
Date Uploaded Apr 24, 2014




It's Perfect for the song I Can Swing My Sword by Tubuscos... I Tried it!


Whenever I try to download it, and save it into the fireworks display file in RCT3, it says I don't have permission to save it there? contact an administrator, but I am my computers administrator!


@Red If a thing says continue, Click it, then the files will go in the selected folder.


** edit finally found the folder to put these displays at in the documents section and not the rct3 section of my pc O.o