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I finally have NL2, and I have been dying to post a coaster, but I haven't gotten the chance until now. So here is my first No Limits 2 coaster: SkyHawk! SkyHawk is a B&M Dive Coaster rises to 67 meters and drops victims into an underground tunnel! Next, SkyHawk flips it's prey through a mammoth element that I call the Dive Roll. Then, riders are treated to another vertical drop and a wide fan curve into a splashdown. Riders will experience up to 6 G's for brief amounts of time! So please download and race the wind on SkyHawk!

Section Tracks
Type Dive Coaster
File Size 5.98 KB
Date Uploaded Dec 30, 2014




By the way, if you leave any comments, please tell me how I might be able to make my coasters better.


looks good for your first nl2 coaster, but 6g's are too much. also post on the forums, you'll get more comments


Yeah, I know I should post on the Forums, and I will try too soon.