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A huge adventure theme park with four exploration roller coasters! It is surrounded by a lake with a castle bridge to walk across before guests start smiling!

It has a total of 18 roller coasters, including a exploration bobsleigh, steeplechase, wild mouse (world's tallest roller coaster) and suspended swinging coaster. It also has a 325 feet giga coaster at 99 mph that lasts over 3 and a half minutes of air time hills! It also has 3 wooden coasters including one as a twin track, mine train coaster, junior coaster, dive coaster into a hole, x dimension coaster, flying coaster, wing coaster, a 215 feet & 85 mph top hat coaster followed by 8 inversions, inverted looping coaster, standard layout ten looping coaster and a hyper coaster.

It's water rides are splash boats, log flume and river rapids. It also has 15 flat rides including all the types of drop towers, spinning flats, looping flats & gentle flats like double deck carousel, dodgems. Also has go karts, vintage cars and ghost train.

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1. Bat Attitude (Flying roller coaster)
2. Bobsleigh Mountain Adventure (Exploration bobsleigh coaster)
3. El Condor (5 inversion inverted coaster)
4. El Trueno (Mine train coaster)
5. Giga Coaster (325 feet, 99 mph super long giga coaster with air time hills)
6. Inversion (Ten inversion standard layout looping coaster)
7. Jungle Mouse Heights (Super super big wild mouse, 575 feet, 95 mph)
8. Junior Blue Blast (Junior wooden coaster)
9. Junior Speedy Logs (Junior coaster)
10. LIM Looper (Top hat launch coaster at 215 feet, 85 mph followed by 8 inversions)
11. Nickelodeon Orange Tango (Bigger wooden coaster next to the blue one)
12. Nitro (Hyper coaster at 220 feet and 86 mph)
13. Steel Cobra (Wing coaster with 7 inversions)
14. Steeplechase (Very long horses roller coaster)
15. Suspended Adventure Swings (Exploration inverted swinging coaster)
16. The Fourth Dimension (X-Dimension coaster)
17. Timber Toppers (Twin track wooden roller coaster)
18. Vertical Drop (Drop from 205 feet, 82 mph into ground then through hills and loop

19. Berserk Trebuchet (Top Spin)
20. Castle Karts (Go Karts)
21. Chaotic
22. Drop Hatch (180 feet drop tower)
23. Enterprise
24. Enterprise 2
25. Escape Hatch (180 feet launch tower)
26. Intense Trebuchet (Top Spin)
27. Roto-Drop (180 feet spinning drop tower)
28. Rounded Up
29. Super Looper
30. Super Looper 2
31. Tilted Whirler (Spinning roundabout)
32. Whip

33. Dodgems
34. Double Deck Carousel
35. Ghost Train
36. Vintage Tours (Car ride)

37. Splash Boats
38. Splash Mine (Log Flume)
39. Whitewater (River rapids)

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