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A cool snack machine, works for feeding your guests. Note: Because this is under the food category, your guests wont buy anything from it unless their hungry, no matter what stall type you choose. Another note: Before you accuse me of copying the guy who made his vending machines, i want to explain that he only had soda machines and i am creating a food vending machine that he didn't make. This is something i made myself.

To install:
Like any other CSO, simply extract to your desktop and place the folder in c/program files/atari/roller coaster tycoon 3/style/themed. The snack machine should appear under stalls in the food section.

Section Custom Scenery
File Size 350.09 KB
Date Uploaded Jan 2, 2009




too coooooooool


This is awesome! Way toooo coooool! How did you create that?

Coaster madness

How did you make that


I <3 it!


I tried to install this and when I tried to place a vending machine in my park the game froze. When I pressed CTRL-Escape to go to my desktop another window had opened containing an error message. Can't recall the wording of the message.

I have RCT3 platinum so maybe there's something different in Platinum that causes it not to work.

Shame though as I really wanted to put some vending machines in my park!


I will not download why ????????


i want to know how to do it


this works thanks


So BIIIIIG!!! COOOLest stand ever I see!

InfusionTorn 13

Awesome! but funny! hahaha! Vendor is in the snack machine! hahaha!


It wont load onto my game...


Why don't you poste a dammmmm picture of your creation on this download??