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My first winter coaster named Solstice, its actually one of my favorites. Enjoy.

CS Needed:

CPCiscosB&M Footers
CoasterJoe's B&M Connectors
CTR'S Laugh Country - Bird House
Moby's Steel Jungle v1
Moki - Holiday Addons
Moki - Winter Time and Christmas Stuff
Moki - Winter Time and Christmas - walls and roofs
StationJim's Fencing
StationJim's Gardening 1
StationJim's Random Things
ShyGuy's Alpine Set 1
ShyGuy's Alpine Set 2
ShyGuy's Alpine Set 3
ShyGuy's Catfish Cove Set
ShyGuy's Planters
ShyGuy's Planters 2
Coaster Goodies
Aceana's Pavement Essentials Expanded (Colors)
Aceana's Pavement Essentials Expanded (Stairs)
Big Burger's Timber (20cm)
Big Burger's Footers
CoasterJoe's Pathway Extensions V.1
DasMatze's Fence's and Railings
GRP B&M Catwalks
Vodhin's Light Kit
Weber's Foliage Set
Old Spice's Vegetation Set
Old Spice's Pine Trees
Old Spice's Evergreens
Vodhin's Light Kit (2008)
Krypt's Double Shot
Parallax's Wing Rider CTR

Section Tracks
Type B&M Wing Rider
File Size 2.81 MB
Date Uploaded Jan 12, 2014




Nice Ride.

rct master

that first screenshot looks amazing O_O


did you have a video of this roller coaster, because if you have one, i really want to see this video